The Talks will take place in the Lecture Theatre, which is through the Great Hall and at the back of the stage - Signposted from the stage


12.00 noon - Jennifer Hall

Demo/Talk: A Slave To Slip

Jennifer will demonstrate various stages of her decorating process and how her making is informed by the material qualities of the slip she uses. She will also present the way in which she produces handles, creates texture and her sgraffito technique.

1.30 pm – Dan Chapple

Demo/Talk: Throwing and Altering

Dan produces slip resist Raku fired work. He will be throwing and altering some of his double walled forms, explaining how he creates vessels distorting the soft clay straight from the wheel.

3.00 pm – Mark Dally

Demo/Talk: How Not To Be A Potter

Mark will be explaining his approach to decoration, demonstrating slip trailing and newspaper resist stencil techniques from his 30 year journey not to be a potter.


12.00 noon - Keith Brymer Jones

Demo/Talk: Clay, the Universe and Everything!

Keith Brymer Jones, potter and BBC2’s expert judge, talks about his career, ceramics ranges, personal life and how he’s now had over quarter of a million views on his spoof music videos. Prepare to be entertained!

2.00pm – Richard Wilson

Demo/Talk: The complexity and spontaneity of colour

Richard will unlock the mysteries of surface decoration, demonstrating the way in which he approaches design. He will talk about how he seeks to retain a spontaneity, energy and immediacy to the glazing on his work.