Talks and Demos November 2019


   11am  Sharon Griffin    ‘The Human Form’

Sharon will be demonstrating how she builds a life sized clay head without the need to use an armature or “hollowing out” afterwards

1pm  Jane Cox



12pm  Craig Underhill    ‘Surface’

Craig will demo slab building and some surface mark making techniques using engobes, and talk a little about his influences and journey so far.

Film Screenings 2019 to be announced

2018 Screenings Below


12.15pm                                           Ceramic Review ‘Masterclass Tapes’

5 of the Ceramic review masterclass tapes

2.15pm                                            The Joanna Bird Foundation    ‘Richard Batterham, Master Potter’

A Film about the work of Richard Batterham. His pots are often regarded as the finest domestic stoneware in the Leach tradition, though he also exemplifies the teaching of Michael Cardew. His pots are made to enrich life, rather than to adorn it, his work is deeply assured and full of authority without being in any way conceited.

4pm                                                 24 Savile Row ‘Epr Architects – Kate Malone – Froyle Tiles’

Three short films which document the creation of the facade at 24 Savile Row. Architect Stephen Pey discusses the design and concept of the building. Kate Malone describes her inspiration, glaze research and the collaborative process with EPR. Rich Miller discusses glazing the tiles.


11am                                                Ceramic Review ‘Masterclass Tapes’

5 of the Ceramic review masterclass tapes.

1.15pm                                             Leach pottery, St Ives ‘The Leach Pottery, 1952’

Original footage of Bernard Leach and the Leach Pottery form 1952 -now digitised by Marty Gross Productions. This 32 minute black and white film is presented with narration by Bernard Leach recorded in the 1960s and an alternate narrative by Warren MacKenzie, recorded in 2007, who was an apprentice at the Pottery during the time of its making.

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This year we are extremely excited to announce that Andy and Di McInnes, former owners of the show, will be exhibiting! For those not already in the know, as well as running the Art in Clay shows, Andy and Di have been keen collectors of fabulous ceramics for many years. They will be bringing a selection of pieces to sell – more information on this soon!

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